Europe Debt Crisis forces Politicians to choose Tap Water

Politicians have long been accused of prolificacy – the banquet hosted by G8 summit leaders in 2011 to discuss the global food crisis immediately springs to mind. The decision to have an 18 course meal was a bad choice in the context of what they were discussing!

But the European debt crisis may have forced world leaders to curb their worst excesses. At an official European Union meeting this month Denmark has taken the decision to serve tap water instead of bottled water.

While this may offend the sensitive palates of some government ministers, it seems only proper that they should be seen to be tightening their belts at a time when the rest of the world is suffering economic stagnation and job losses. Bottled water has one of the highest mark-ups of any consumer product on the shelves, while tap water is free and healthy. Meanwhile towards the end of last year European bureaucrats bizzarely ruled that bottled water does not prevent dehydration.

tap water European Union

Tap water has been chosen by European Union leaders

Studies have proved that there is little difference between tap and bottled water, and that tap water actually has to go through more stringent water purification tests in order to be deemed fit for public consumption.

And that is not even to mention the environmental benefits of using tap water.

Plastic water bottles take a lot of money and energy to make and are usually consigned to the scrap heap in the same time that it takes to do a supermarket shop. Therefore if you live in an area of hard water, and want purer, softer water for the sake of your family and home appliances, then a water purification system is a good investment.

For instance the Aquatec home water purification system has a dedicated ‘C’ media that removes 98% of all harmful organic compounds such as trichloroethylene, chlorine and inorganic compounds too.

Having this installed can save you money in the long run while making tap water even safer. That provides peace of mind and relief for those who suffer from unpleasant skin conditions like Eczema. Meanwhile soft water doesn’t cause the offensive limescale buildup that has consigned many a washing, machine, kettle and heather to the junkyard. Purifying your drinking water can save you on medical bills and the sudden need to replace your home appliances. And in these harsh economic times that is a benefit to us all.

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